Sunday, September 30, 2012

And They Stand To Lose...

Star Q

I still remember the words of a retired colleague who said that she wished she had the opportunity to learn English and that she would be very lucky if the teacher she had was educated abroad.  She was lamenting the situation because her parents used their veto power to send her to an Arabic-medium school.  She did not have the chance to learn much English then.

Those statements came ringing into my ear (one only; the other one is undergoing medication!) because I notice that not many students nowadays are serious about learning English.  It is true that, as with the learning of any other language, you cannot bury yourself into a book and hope of succeeding.  The truth is one needs to practice continuously; only then can one hope to achieve any kind of success.

Students nowadays are given all the opportunities in the world for them to study and almost every thing that they need to do to acquire language skills is made known to them.  They don't really need to go through any trial and error to find out how to study.  But, with all this given to them, they still cannot focus (some fiddle with their handsets under the desk!) even to the extent of talking loudly in class (and they being adult learners at that!)

Much has been said about this dilemma and you still find students who refuse to change.  It is indeed a sad thing because no one else stands to lose anything.  They are the only ones who stand to lose everything.  Big time!

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