Friday, October 5, 2012

Fogging Their Minds

Star Q

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The roar of the familiar mosquito fogging machine, gave the residents of this neighborhood am uneasy surprise this week.  Even more surprising, the health official came twice this week to carry out their duties.

The question that was playing in my mind when they came the first time to fog the neighborhood was, has there been any cases of dengue fever amongst the neighbors?  I for one did not hear of any new cases around here and neither did my other neighbors whom I managed to ask.

The questions came back flooding once again, this time with a tinge of fear, when the health officials came a second time armed with their hand-held and lorry-mounted fogging machines.  If the first fogging indicated that there may have been one isolated case, but when they came again I began to wonder if there had been another one, or two, or worse, more than that!

But fear is not the course of action in the case of fighting against Aedes.  On the other hand, it is to educate (with a little force from the authorities!) the people in this area who have not been keeping their yards clean.  The worse scenario I can pen here is where one particular neighbor (wish they weren't my neighbor!) threw their terracotta pot into the drain, with evidence of the vessel having been used to boil milk very obviously seen.  The shards from the broken pot caused the drain to become clogged and smelly, an undoubtedly suitable breeding place for mosquitoes!

Perhaps, it is not only the mosquitoes that should be fogged, but also the minds of the people who have allowed the mosquitoes to breed freely!

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