Thursday, January 16, 2014

Appreciating A Free Library

Star Q

I can go on and on about reading and the benefits that it can bring.  And the idea of having a 'Little Library' like the one that is currently cropping up in Washing, USA, is something you would expect from a community that has its heart into reading.  The informal lending libraries work under a simple principle, 'take a book, lend a book'.

Much has been said about our reading habits.  Though it may be true that there are amongst us who wouldn't think twice about spending our hard earned cash on books or other reading materials, there are those of us however who not only find it difficult to bring themselves to buy books, but also read.

I always have a strong passion for the 'Reading Corner' in a classroom where students can easily take any reading materials they want and read during their leisure or after they have completed any class exercises.  'Reading Corner' is the simplest way to introduce young people to the wonders of reading and that it is possible to have books and reading materials at home or anywhere else, no matter where that may be.

However, it is also true that the 'Reading Corner' also provides opportunities for vandalism where some students would tear pages from reading materials for their folios or what not; or even for the sheer joy of destroying things.  Some like to scribble on the faces of people in the magazines and leave their brand of art!  It is no wonder teachers who set up 'Reading Corners' in their classrooms eventually give up on the idea.

It is a tiring thing to set up this corner, no matter how small people may think it is.  Apart from spending personal time and energy, it also involves the teacher to fork out a considerable sum of money of his/her own to set it up.  Small sacrifices like bringingpersonal magazines and books from the teachers' homes would usually go unnoticed (both by the students and the school administration) or vandalised (by the students!)

So, it is easy to imagine what would happen to reading materials if we had our own 'Little Library' like the ones in Washington.  Not only will the books put there disappear as soon as they are placed there, the library it self will disappear along with the books, just because they are free.

We still have a long way to go before we can really appreciate anything that is free!

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