Thursday, February 2, 2017

Smoke Them Out

Star Q

There is nowhere that non-smokers can actually run to, to rid themselves from smokers who puff away in public, especially in open public places like recreation parks for example.  I mean, you are there to enjoy the greenery and fresh air when suddenly, all that is being overtaken by an inconsiderate smoker.

It does not really help to curb smokers from smoking in public places merely by making an announcement that it is now illegal to smoke in public.  This can only be successful if the government takes a firm stand and slap these smokers with summons or hefty fines.  After all, they are not only causing themselves to become sick, they are also causing passive smokers to become sick as well.

However, having said that, we all know that incurring fines and summons to those who smoke in public places, is merely a dream non-smokers can languish upon while the smokers cause them health-related nightmares.  We all know, that the government (maybe directly) rely on the sales of cigarettes (and tobacco) to gain its annual revenue, which incidentally helps to provide income to many Malaysians and in turn helps to develop the country.

The country cannot lose that part of its money-churning industry when there is not many other options available to generate income for the country if really stern actions are taken against the smokers, because these smokers are the ones who help fuel the cigarette and tobacco industry.  

I guess, for the government, it is okay to see some citizens die as passive smokers because there is no money involved and there is no real loss.  The unspoken reality is that it is okay for passive smokers to die compared to the death of the cigarette and tobacco industry.

So, either smoke these jolly public smokers out or turn a blind eye and leave the passive smokers to suffer the consequences.

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