Thursday, July 14, 2016

Novel Idea for Novels

Star Q

It is so trending nowadays that every writer, both novice and veteran, are jumping onto the band wagon and writing novels with titles that are very difficult describe.  Titles that are neither Bahasa Malaysia or English.  In fact it is a marriage of the two languages.

Not surprisingly enough, these novels are quick to be spotted by young readers and with titles that represent their proficiency in the English Language, meaning they can speak a bit of English Language but not proficient enough, interspersed with Bahasa Malaysia.  Probably, when they read these books in public (which is very rare) with the aforementioned titles, they would probably get people giving them a second look with such catchy titles.

Consequently, local drama producers are just as quick to turn these novels into teledrama which can last up to thirty to forty episodes.  And to pull in the audience, producers also get hip and trending actors and actresses to take part in their dramas.  With a catchy title for a novel, an equally catchy drama title and a cast beautiful and handsome enough to attract both young and not-so-young viewers, television stations do not waste any time in securing the rights to air these dramas.

However, despite all the attractions, these novels/dramas share one similarity that is the plot of their stories.  It is always one female character being wooed by two male characters, or two female characters vying for the attention of one male character.  The producers can slap in a murder scene, or long lost relative, or a rich kid versus poor kid or what-have-you, but the gist of these stories remain the same and for only one purpose; drama!

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